The AASRAA Trust has a vision of life with dignity for children from the streets and slums of Dehradun. The cycle of poverty rules their existence and needs to be broken.

They believe in the intervention of education and skills training combined with health care, food, clothing & love to break the cycle. This is what they do daily at AASRAA.

Their mission is to reach out to vulnerable children and provide opportunity, care and attention.
Outreach teams work at street level with the poorest communities to bring children into the AASRAA fold. They provide everything from school sponsorships, basic literacy and pre-school programs, after school tuition and shelter for children who have nowhere else to go.

Founded in 2009 with 35 children in a single afterschool program, AASRAA now reaches over 3,350 children spread over 40 programs. From the age of 2 to 22 all of the children are first generation learners. AASRAA incorporates technology through computer aided learning and they teach the children to be computer literate. At AASRAA, they believe there is no unreachable or unteachable child.

AASRAA also believes in the holistic care of the child. No child can study when they are hungry, cold or sick. They need nutrition, warm clothing, medical attention and footwear.
Going barefoot on the streets and in the slums leads to major infections and spread of disease. Children were always falling sick.

Since we started donating 6 years ago, the dropout rate of children due to illness has fallen sharply. In 2014 they supplied 600 pairs of shoes, which grew to 3,350 shoes in 2019. AASRAA and the children were so grateful for the shoes that have allowed them to step into a better life!